Cake Decorators questions about pastillage

Thank you for all your  e-mails and questions.  It has been a
beautiful experience, receiving so many email from friends
and students that I have not heard for so many years,  some
of you more than a decade.  Welcome back to my life. And, a
warm welcome to those that subscribe to the newsletter.
One of the questions is: What can I do to avoid the
pastillage get dry so fast? And another, Why the
pastillagfe start crackling or wrinkling when making the
First,  the pastillage is a paste that air dries.  The
solution is simple, keep the paste covered with a heavy mug
when using it.  This will protect the paste from drying.
Second, Why pastillage start crackling or wrinkling when
making the petals?  The secret is in the amount of paste
you take to make the petals.  Take only a small amount,
sufficient for one petal and work with it.  Leave the rest
o f the paste covered with the heavy mug to prevent from
drying.  The reason is that you take less time to knead and
roll a small piece of paste.  The biggest the ball of paste
the longer the time of kneading and rolling and the fastest
the drying.  A capito?
Next week, the recipe for Flower paste, don’t miss it.

See you,


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