Cake Decorators Do you know who is Dulcinea?

Hi friends:

Do you know who Dulcinea is? Dulcinea is the inspiration
of Don Quixote de la Mancha, a master piece of Hispanic
Literature. But this is not a literature class, is a cake
decorating newsletter and Dulcinea is my inspiration, in
many aspect of my life. For this reason I write The Voice
of Dulcinea. Once in a while I will be exposing you to
Dulcinea’s thinking, you know why, because, Cake Decorators
have a soul too. In the same way Dulcinea enjoy the
landscape from the top of her windmill, we find inspiration
in studying a flower, admiring the intrinsic shape and
colors in order to be able to make them in sugar.

Anyway, today the recipe for flower paste. Flower paste in
this newsletter will be known as Tylose paste, because
Tylose is the ingredient that give the paste the
elasticity, also retard the drying time and give you more
time to work.

Flower paste recipe

1 mix of stiff royal icing
2 tablespoon of tylose
1 or 2 cups 10X sugar (for kneading only)

Once the royal icing is to the peak consistency, add 2
tablespoons of tylose. Beat with the pallet for few
seconds, then put 10x sugar on the table and knead the
paste adding sugar a little bit at a time. If stick to
your hands place a very little small amount of shortening
to your hand and knead to form a ball. Wrap in plastic.
This paste need REFRIGERATION. You will love it.

Next week will tell how to work with this flower paste.

Send your input and your questions. And don’t forget to
invite your cake decorating friends to subscribe. Lots of
nice things are coming up and all for FREE.



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