Cake Decorators harmony

Overlooking the impressive mountains of Northern Italy,
Dulcinea and Don Quixote talked of how little we are in
this gigantic world, notwithstanding, how big the human
being can become using his intelligence and his innate
skills.  Within our comparative smallness, we can reach the
highest mountain, explore the depths of the ocean or the
immensity of the universe.  But to achieve it, we must
recognize the importance of harmony in the world that
surrounds us.  We should live in harmony with nature, with
all human beings and especially within ourselves.
For example, if you are going to decorate a cake for a
wedding, there are a lot of details that have to be in
harmony with the occasion: like what flowers to use, which
color, the bride preferences,the time of the affair, the
place of the reception.  To make this decisions we need to
have inner harmony within our self.
How are we going to discover our path, to decide what is
our mission in life, without having inner harmony?  If we
hold in our mind a jungle full of darkness and wild
thoughts, we will never find our real inner self.  To reach
harmony, we have to learn to love ourselves.  Pull out of
our inner self all negative thoughts and negative
feelings, because they would not let us act with serenity.
Accept that there is a Supreme and eternal being that when
we accept it in our lives, will fill us with light and
peacefulness.  Once we reach the light, will have the
harmony and will be able to develop our potential.  We can
trace our goals and work toward them.
When we are in harmony with the Universe, we feel the most
noblest sentiments: love, compassion, friendship will
have important roles in our lives.  When we do our job, it
is not a matter what do you do, when you do it with love
you will always succeed.  When we have compassion in our
heart, we can help more effectively those in need.  In this
way we will discover the beautiful present of
friendship,that help us to understand and accept others
with their mistakes and defects.  When we live in harmony
with the Universe, there are not dangerous and negative
paths or destructive thoughts to harm us.
In harmony we will always have our mind clear, to make
effective and positive decisions for our personal growth.
We can develop our potential and reach our goals.
Let’s search for our inner light, live in harmony in order
to be able to escalate the highest mountains, explore the
depths of the ocean or the immensity of the Universe.
Because when we are in communion with God, the eternal
love, everything can be accomplished.

Marivi Bassabe
In search of light


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