Cake Decorators book of our life

Searching for inspiration for the newsletter, Dulcinea
found a very old e-mail about our life book and how to edit
It is a reality that when we are born, at that time, the
only thing we know is to cry when we need something and
through that gesture we get food, love and attention.  When
we are born we bring a blank pages book that we start
writing as soon as we arrive, it is the book of our life.
Since that moment we start writing hour history.
Now, I ask you:  What have you written in your book so far?
How many times have you stop a moment to read your book?
How many of those pages bring you happiness and how many
bring so much sorrow that you wish you could erase them?
The sad part is that those pages can not be erased, but the
interesting part of this book is that it is a book you can
think and plan.
We all know that each of our acts will bring a consequence.
When we act with caution and confidence in our skills and
knowledge, the pages of our book will be full of positive
and happy moments.  When we have faith in the Creator and
in ourselves, when we accept our mistakes and work to emend
them and when we understand that each of us is the
architect of our lives, we will be writing the pages of a
best seller book. We will be writing with the ink of
When we share our knowledge, when we give a hand to the
needy, we are adding pages to our book.  Many times a good
thought, a smile or simply listening to someone in distress
are pages that remain impressed in the book of the
Yes, is true that we bring a blank pages book when we
arrive to this life, and is also true that we are the only
one with the absolute freedom to write it contents.
Everything we do become a chapter in our book.
How are pages of your book? Are they full of kindness,
love, forgiveness?  Is your book a best seller?  Do you
need an editor for your book?  All these questions have a
very simple answer, put your life book in the hands of God,
follow his guidance and you will have the best book ever

Marivi Bassabe
In search of light


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