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Cake Decorators New Years Eve 2008

December 29, 2007

In our more difficult times we pray to the Superior Being,
Universal Energy, our Father God.  We ask for help to
continue foward, we ask for strength and for guidance:
That is the way we pray.  But we can use a more effective
way that never fails.  When we give love, when giving
thanks for all we have.  Infinite thanks for being in
balance with our family, our friends and ourselves.  When
we pray giving thanks we change the drama; we change our
personal history with a real relation with the world at
God’s level.  The process is simple, in your prayers, in
your gratitude,  in your respect,  in your vision, in your
praying ceremony, the key is simply to thank God.  The
best present is to have the opportunity of over and over
again in this season that celebrates the Birth of Jesus and
the coming of a New Year, to communicate with our spirit
and give thanks in our prayers for a rebirth in our lives,
a rebirth with love for all.

Happy New Year 2008



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December 23, 2007

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