How to make a sugar paste 5petals rose or Wild Rose

Probably you all know that I recently relocated to Ocala
Central Florida.  And, of course, there are a lot of new
things I never experienced before, like the change of
seasons, the nice temperature and also the cold mornings
and the frosted grass.  I never lived by a horse farm,  or
enjoy the presence of the squirrels running and chasing one
 another around the oak trees.  Behind is the hectic life
of the big cities, where many of us get so entangled in the
daily struggle to survive, that we forget to smell the
roses along the way.
Yesterday, looking through my kitchen window I saw in my
neighbor’s garden a beautiful small flower, what really
amazed me was to see such delicate flower enjoying the 40F
degrees of that cool morning.  Later in the morning I asked
my neighbor the name of the brave flower and she told me,
“It is a Wild Rose”.  It is such a beautiful flower that I
decided to tell you:
How to make a 5 petal open rose or Wild Rose
First, make the center of the rose.  Wrap cotton thread
around two fingers about 16 times.  Using a wire number 28,
twist both ends of cotton firmly to prevent cotton from
slipping out. Cut into two equal halves.  Trim as required.
 Cut a   piece of wire gauge 24 about 4 inches long, bend
the tip.  Make a small ball of pastillage tinted brown,
moist the bended tip of the wire and attach a small
pastillage ball.  Let’s dry for a few hours.  Once the
center is dry,  paint cornmeal with yellow dust.  Dip the
dried center in the gum glue and then into the yellow
dusted cornmeal.  Paint some more cornmeal with brown dust
and dip the tip of the cotton stamen in the glue and then
into the brown cornmeal to make the brown pollen.  Separate
the stamens with a pin.  Let’s dry.  Once the pieces are
dry, with floral tape, attach the stamen to the pastillage
center, making the center of the rose.
To make the petals of the Wild Rose
For this you will need a 5 petals cutter.  Balling tool,
pad, wooden ball, and a round flower dryer.  If you do not
have a flower dryer, cover the mouth of a glass or plastic
vase with aluminum foil.  Leave it slightly loose to cup,
with a pin make a small hole in the center.
Tint a small ball of pastillage light pink.  Roll out
leaving a thick center in the petals.  This will form a
base to help secure the stamens.  Work the edge of the
petals using the balling tool, then with the wooden ball
press the center of each petal.  Lift the flower from the
pad. Place gum glue at the base of the stamen and insert
the stamen in the center and place to dry in the flower
dryer inserting the wire through the small hole you made
the pin.  When the flower is dry, tint pastillage in moss
green and cut a calyx and attach at the back of the flower.
With a very fine brush, dust the edges of the flower with a
shade of dark pink.   You will find a good set of
on how to make this flower in the book Wild Flowers by Alan
Dunn page 41. Visit
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