Cake Decorators and Crafters: Cold Porcelain Recipe

Cold porcelain is a non edible paste that is used to make favors and ornaments.

I personally use it to make flower arrangements and center pieces for interior decoration.

Today I will tell you how to care for this paste, about how to knead it and of course the recipe.

This recipe is innocuous, made with non toxics ingredients. This recipe do not contain any chemicals that could be hazardous for your health.  Also,  do not need to be cooked at all and air dries.

To care for this paste, just keep it wrapped in plastic in a dry area at room temperature.  Do not place in a dark drawer for a long period of time, this will make the paste moldy.

When kneading this paste, if too sticky add some cornstarch, also rub a dab of shortening to your hands and keep the rolling pin very clean.  To prevent the paste from sticking to the table when extending the paste with the rolling pin, rub a dab of shortening on the table too, do not over do it, please.

If making a flower, to thin the petals, use a metal balling tool and use the palm of your hand to do the balling at the edges of the petals and leaves. Press softly; the weight of the metal ball will do the job for you.   And now:
Cold Porcelain Recipe

1 cup Aleene’s Tacky Glue Original
1 cup cornstarch
1 tablespoon Tylose
1 tablespoon Wilton liquid white color (this is add to the paste to prevents it from becoming transparent when dried)
Mix all ingredients and knead to get a soft paste.  If too sticky add cornstarch.
Do not cook.  Keep in well lighted area, tightly wrap in plastic. Do not refrigerate.

Remember Cold Porcelain should not be use to decorate cakes, even though is made with non toxics ingredients.  Use sugar flowers and sugar ornaments to decorate your cakes.

See you next week,


Marivi Bassabe

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